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Celebrate your events with us

Are you looking for a perfect venue to celebrate any kind of occasion? We invite you to take an
extraordinary trip to one of New York City’s best speakeasies — the Paper Planes!

Make your celebrations a little extra this year. The bar is open for events after a wedding,
reunion party, anniversary, or birthday. If you have plans of throwing a party for your friends in a
cozy place perfect for hangouts. Just come with your group and we will accommodate you with
the best of our service.

Here at Paper Planes, we serve good snacks to partner with any choice of drinks, wines, beers,
and unique house blends of your favorite craft cocktails. The menu covers a wide range of
drinkers, from beginners to people looking for adventures. Our craft cocktails are made to bring
you the experience of traveling to a place or an era. We serve cocktails with tropical fruits,
elegant and sophisticated tastes, savory and herbal ingredients, and some classic cocktails.

Host your event in Paper Planes and take a great trip with your friends. The venue is flexible to
any theme you want to adapt to your celebrations. Request your favorite song to be played
during your stay to set your mood. And we have great bartenders and mixologists to help
prepare your cocktails for your party. Plus, you can come to the speakeasy with fewer
preparations because there is no need for reservations.

Here are the activities you can do in Paper Planes:

Corporate Dinner

Whether you are meeting a client or you are bringing out your team for dinner, Paper Planes
can serve you the right food, craft cocktails or wines, and a good space for meetings. This
speakeasy offers a cozy place for your corporate meetings or a team lecture.

Holidays Night Out

Celebrating occasions like Valentine’s day, Christmas day, New Year’s eve, or Thanksgiving, we
got a place for you to enjoy your holiday celebration by treating you and your loved ones to an
extraordinary trip to Paper Planes. Get them their favorite cocktails and enjoy the whole night.

Board Game Night

Host your board game night in a speakeasy in NYC. Enjoy the friendly competition with your
friends on top of well-crafted cocktails to spin up your game night. We also have snacks that you
can order to partner with your drinks of choice.


Theme Night

Come to the bar all dressed up with a theme. Paper Planes welcomes you to do your themed
gatherings. You don’t have to wait for Halloween to dress up and party the night out. You can
dress up based on our exciting menu categories like Island-Bound, A Trip to Abroad, or
Mountain Retreat.

A Trip to Paper Planes ensures to treat you with our best craft cocktails on the list, served by
top-notch bartenders and mixologists. We aim to transport you and your events to a place and
experience that will surely make your stay with us memorable. Host your events with us tonight!

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