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Exploring Unique and Unusual Ingredients in Craft Cocktails from Speakeasies

The craft cocktails we know are usually the classic drinks with citrus, soda water, spirits, and liquors. These kinds of drinks are mainly the go-to cocktails of people visiting any bars or speakeasies. Yet, cocktails are still considered an art form in which the end of your expression is your taste and imagination. That is why unique craft cocktails exist. These are cocktails with an unexpected combination of ingredients that are standouts.

Some of the ingredients may seem impossible or too much, but you could always return to your favorite classics. These specialty cocktails are meant to be criticized for a particular taste palette only due to the unique and unusual ingredients you can find in them. To help you get familiar with them, here is a list you can check out.

Egg White

Egg whites are quite common as an added ingredient to cocktails, particularly in sour cocktails. Although this can be found in many cocktails, for beginner cocktail drinkers, this is still an unusual add-on. The reason why egg whites are mixed in cocktails is because of the texture that it contributes to the drink. You can make a liquified foam by combining and shaking egg white with juice, liquor, and sugar. Egg whites do not have a specific taste when added to the cocktails, it is really the change in texture that gives you a whole different experience.

Activated Charcoal Activated charcoal gives you a stunning black drink. It is meant to highlight garnishes. The use of activated charcoal became very popular because of its health benefits. Although taking cocktails with activated charcoal does not prevent you from getting a hangover, it is still served in some bars.


Mayonnaise is one very unusual ingredient to add to a cocktail. Its consistency is difficult to match with other cocktail drinks. In Japan, there is a cocktail called mayogarita. The sour taste of mayonnaise adds a kick to the usual vodka and tequila mixes. Some other cocktails with mayonnaise are smoker’s cough and tapeworm.

Squid Ink

This drink is popular for themed gatherings or occasions like Halloween because of its black color. Squid ink has a strong salty taste which is best partnered with sweet ingredients to balance the saltiness. Squid ink martini is one recipe that best uses squid ink in combination with vermouth and gin.

BBQ Sauce

Condiments and sauce are getting popular as added ingredients to your favorite cocktails, BBQ sauce is not exempted. Its rich taste is a great addition to drinks but its consistency makes the whole experience sloppy. To counter this, the mixologist created a bbq water. A few of the liquors can match beer and bourbon.

A Human Toe

Looking for a challenge? This ingredient is too exotic to try and just imagine. Sourdough Saloon, a bar in Canada offers a very unusual drink called sourtoe cocktail. It is a normal cocktail of spirit with whisky, but with a mummified actual human toe. Although the toe serves only as a garnish, you cannot avoid it in every sip because it was made to touch your lips.

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