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Making Craft Cocktails at Home: Tips from Top Speakeasy Mixologists

Making your own craft cocktails is a fun and creative way of expressing yourself through flavors. It is easy to imagine what kind of cocktail we want to make, but it is hard to find and combine the right ingredients to achieve the taste you are aiming for. That is why many of us are intimidated to try to shake and stir our own concoction without a guide or the help of a recipe book. Removing the flairs of tossing and infusing exotic ingredients, nothing should be afraid about constructing your own cocktail drinks.

Learning how to create your own cocktails at home is an important skill to hone, especially when you are fond of gathering your family and friends at your house. A good cocktail will surely bring the crowd closer. To make sure that your signature cocktails will leave a good impression here are the tips from the top speakeasy mixologist that you should follow:

Measure everything

The amount of ingredients you mix together is crucial to how your drink’s overall taste. As a novice or beginner in mixing cocktails, it is important to take note of the measurements of every ingredient. Measuring entails consistency and accuracy which produces a well-crafted drink. It keeps the right balance taste, especially when using sour raw ingredients like lime. Once you found the perfect balance, do not forget to note your recipes down.

Ingredients come first before the ice

The order of mixing ingredients also adds science to crafting cocktails. Adding all the ingredients in a shaker or mixing glass before the ice prevents having a diluted end product. Measuring and mixing ingredients take time so this trick of putting ice on the last ingredient prevents unwanted ice melt in your signature cocktails.

Choose your base

Choosing the base for your cocktail will help you guide yourself in the whole process of creating your signature drink. When picking the best base, it is always important to start with your favorite or something that you are familiar with the taste so you can play with it outrightly. Focusing on simple flavors is often the way to go to avoid overboard and too much experimenting with flavors.

Shake and stir

Stirring or shaking plays a big role in making your drinks properly chilled. If you don’t stir or shake your cocktails long enough, they will not get ice cold and their true flavors will not manifest as well. According to mixologists, you must stir the mixture for 30-45 seconds before pouring and serving stirred drinks served on the rocks. It is important to remember that ice is added to the cocktails to delay the warming of the drink, not to cool it. No one wants a craft cocktail that tastes like water after all.

Make several trials

Nothing is perfect on the first try, especially when finding your signature craft cocktails. Top speakeasy mixologists’ best practices are a product of continuous practice and trial of different mixtures. Prepare enough ingredients so you could gain the momentum of crafting, mixing, and stirring your cocktails. And most importantly, enjoy the process of making it!

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