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Popular Craft Cocktails to Try in 2023

Cocktails continue to evolve over time. It now represents an era, yet it is also an avenue for ancient and classic drinks to be reintroduced to the current generation. Mixologists and bartenders make craft cocktails an admirable art form that transcends eras and introduces new innovations.

In 2022, people enjoyed the rustic and simple. You can also see craft cocktails take over every party and celebration. Aside from the classic beers and wines, cocktails have become crowd-pleasers and are now partnered with crackers and perfectly cooked steak. Coming in 2023, people are expected o explore the variety and exciting mix-and-match of flavors that craft cocktails offer.

Inspired by celebrities’ favorites and new mixing techniques, here are the popular craft cocktails to try in 2023:

Oaxacan Rose

Light, fresh, and easy craft cocktails are always trendy. Oaxacan Rose has the perfect blend of these experiences through its rich composition of citrusy and sour fruity flavors. The lime and grapefruit mixed in a Hibiscus tequila with an accent of sparkling rosé are what brings the magic to this drink. This bubbly cocktail surely takes you on a journey.

Negroni Sbagliato

Negroni is considered the most popular cocktail of today. Its popularity is expected to extend until this year with the birth of its varieties. Negroni Sbagliato is a bitter Italian classic matched with sweet vermouth. Instead of prosecco, Lambrusco is added to elevate the texture and color of the drink giving more visuals for the red fruits and cherries.

House of the Rising Sun

This craft cocktail has a strong base in the form of whisky combined with single-malt scotch that gives a lasting impression. This combination is balanced with the citrus flavor of lime and orange bosom water, and the addition of egg white for a thicker consistency. The House of the Rising Sun is garnished with cherry making the popping color of the drink.

Blackberry Mojito

This craft cocktail gives you a lot of variety being gin is the highlight of this kind of Mojito. Gin provides a good match for your berries. This classic cocktail is amplified with the addition of blackberries, lime, and mint leaves. To complete the mix, add lime soda or soda water.

Two-spirit Cocktails

The year 2023 is all about simplicity and quality of taste for the cocktails. Although three-ingredient cocktails made a splash due to the pandemic, making the cocktail options complicated. Now, two-spirit cocktails are gaining popularity like the Rusty Nail with Scotch. The mixologist and bartenders are having their creative time mixing new drinks that highlight two spirits, one of which is mezcal and Montenegro Amaro.

You can see the trend in cocktails changes over time. People have adapted their taste palate to the situation, pop culture factored in. These changes only mean one thing, more options for people to choose from for their celebrations

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