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Savor the Flavor: Discovering Unique and Unexpected Craft Cocktail Combinations

Cocktail’s arsenal of flavors has grown so much over the years. Different combinations were created, one of these is incorporating fruits and herbs into your classic cocktails. As the year goes by, people become more creative than ever. We are presenting you with some unique and unexpected pairings to add to your list of favorite craft cocktails. Some of these combinations may seem bizarre, but they are all worth your try.

Vodka and Sorbet

The mixture of vodka and sorbet will surely pique your interest in a good way. Vodka is one of strong spirits. It has been popular mixing with fruits to add some flavor to this clear distilled alcohol. In Paris, they usually add sorbet to their vodka. Sorbet is many people’s favorite dessert. Its fruity, nutty, and creamy flavor surely makes you crave more. Combining these two favorites create a game-changer craft cocktail.

Caramel Vodka and Apple Cider

This next pair is rather weird and might take you aback. Caramel vodka has a strong alcohol base with a sweet spin to it. The sweet flavor is a great addition to most cocktails and the best way to balance this is by adding a sour taste to the mixture. Apple cider is a good candidate to balance the indulgence of caramel vodka. This caramel apple beer-tasting cocktail is good for people who aim to fall hard after.

Malibu and Chocolate Milk

Malibu is a coconut-flavored liquor. This is commonly partnered with tropical fruits like pineapple for pina coladas. Adding chocolate milk in Malibu is definitely an unexpected route. This strange combination is surprisingly good. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a dash of coconut flavor.

Rum, Pink Lemonade, and 7UP

This cocktail is perfect for a girl’s night. You can muster this combination even at home. Using a pink lemonade will lighten the dark flavor of rum. 7UP adds the kick to this drink being the carbonated component of the drink. Generally, these three are a match made in heaven.

Soju and Beer

These two alcoholic beverages may not seem a good combo, wait ‘til you try it. The famous South Korean vodka is incredibly paired with the classic drink beer. The smooth and mild taste of Soju helps neutralize the malted and carbonated taste of the beer. The golden ratio for soju to beer is 3:7. This may vary depending on how you want to enjoy your soju beer.

Fireball and Mango Cocktail Juice

This craft cocktail is produced out of the desperation of boys looking for an affordable craft cocktail. Fireball and Mango tea are common drinks for college students that they can mix even at home. You can achieve its desirable taste by combining the Fireball Cinnamon Whisky and any mango fruit juice cocktail. Aside from being affordable and accessible, it tastes good.

These unique and bizarre drinks are mixtures of simple ingredients and alcohol that we like. Trying these unconventional combinations is an exciting addition to your parties or simple group hangouts.

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