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Many people start to become conscious of everything they do: buy, eat, and drink. When you
say conscious, you talk about being sustainable and environment-friendly. Many consumers
choose products that are organic and pay attention to how products affect the environment. This
highlights the reduction of waste, reusing resources if possible, and using ethical ingredients
only. Paper Planes has the commitment to source and use sustainable ingredients in our
cocktails. In this way, we can satisfy your thirst and help protect the environment all at once.
Craft cocktails nowadays incorporate several fruits and herbs in the mixture. Now more than
ever, it is essential to use sustainable ingredients that are sourced locally which contribute to the
freshness and healthy elements of the drink. On top of that, ingredients that were grown by local
farmers and suppliers reduce the carbon dioxide emission from transportation and that includes
the costs from importation and exportation. Transportation is a top contributor to producing this
harmful substance.


Apart from cutting the generation of carbon dioxide, good businesses think about the health
benefits of their products to their consumers. Paper Planes makes sure that the ingredients we
use to create our cocktails are all natural and all organic. We advocate making our drinks
tasteful without compromising the vitamins and minerals that our ingredients have. Just like the
cocktails that contain citrus juice, lime, mixed berries, pineapple, mint, and other elements that
can be found in nature.


With the dynamic changes that happen in the flavors of cocktails, you can literally add anything
that you think would satisfy your taste buds. There are cocktails mixed with egg white and those
with milk. These are resources that are animal-based and emit greenhouse gas. A better way to
transform these materials into a healthier addition to your cocktails is by making them
plant-based. Using oat milk or almond milk than cow’s milk will make it more sustainable.
Converting to plant-based ingredients has a positive impression on the customer. People
embrace plant-based eating and drinking for many of its nutritional benefits, ethical
considerations, and environmental credentials.


Sustainability is not a buzzword for business, it is a necessity. And bartending industry is no
excuse for this. Investing in healthy and ethical ingredients will lead you a long way. This is an
innovative path to take your business and your products to the next level. Making cocktails that
taste good, and feel good is the top priority. Incorporating your menus with products that focus
on carbon footprint, eco-friendly packaging, ethical sourcing, and local products will contribute
greatly to the economy, environment, and your branding as well.
Visit Paper Planes and experience the cocktails made with sustainable ingredients.

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