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Paper Planes: Coolest Speakeasies in New York

New York City offers a lot of exciting places, especially at night when all the lights are lit and everyone is looking for an excellent place to spend their whole evening. Aside from the usual bars and pubs, speakeasies are another unique and exciting venue for your hangouts. Speakeasies hold a long history from the Prohibition era in the 1920s and 1930s.

During this time, alcohol was banned in the United States where selling alcohol became illegal. It is also during this time that speakeasies emerged. To protect these bars, they were placed underground. Speakeasies were very hard to locate and were concealed from the authorities. It was a tough time for the people in the Prohibition era, but these authentic speakeasies kept their heritage and became tourist attractions today still serving incredible cocktails.

These underground speakeasies bring a different experience to their customers plus the fun of trying experimental cocktails in bars that are tucked away from the bustling city. To make your journey in finding the coolest speakeasies in the Big Apple, here are some of the notable speakeasies you should try:

Please Don’t Tell

Please Don’t Tell or PDT is an award-winning speakeasy located at Marks Place. The vibe that this speakeasy gives is dark and moody with the odd accent of taxidermy animals. This bar is hard not to tell to your friends because of its great cocktails and solid reputation being one of the first speakeasies to pop up in New York City. Their must-try cocktails are The Shark and The Cascade.

Little Branch

Little Branch is a standout as one of the best speakeasies in NYC because of its unique cocktail blends and live band. Their cocktails are made with milk and honey which brings authentic flair to their craft cocktails that are hardly matched by modern bars. The place gives out retro vibes with the dimly lit rooms with low ceilings. If you are into a quiet and intimate venue, search for the Little Branch.

Paper Planes

Hidden in the back garden space of Tzarevna Restaurant, you can find the Paper Planes. Paper Planes is one of the newest speakeasies in NYC. They serve a vast variety of craft cocktails that will surely take you on a journey. Their well-thought-out menu highlights the type of adventurer you are. You can pick from the Easy Gliding cocktails or the ones from Experienced Traveler. Attaboy

This modern and trendy speakeasy is located on the Lower East Side. They are considered one of the top speakeasies in New York City. Their reputation is patent in their amazing cocktails, including Penicillin and The Greenpoint. They also welcome concoctions that are not on the menu, bartenders are that great to whip it personally for you. If you enjoy a cozy ambiance, find the entrance to Attaboy.

The Back Room

The Back Room is one of the original Prohibition bars in New York City, operating since the 1920s. Proofs of the era remain in the vintage decors and the elegant interior of the speakeasy. Their cocktail presentations are gifts from the past as you get to experience drinking in a teacup and conceal beer cans in paper bags. You can taste their original cocktail masterpieces when you visit Lower Manhattan.

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