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Where to Find Your Craft Cocktails in the Heart of NYC?

New York City is famous for its pubs and bars that offer a wide range of craft cocktails. Spending the night in NYC? You would not miss trying classic cocktails to different pub’s specialties. To help you with your cocktail-hopping, here is a guide on where to find your craft cocktails in the heart of NYC.

Cozy, rustic, and comfortable — are three words that best describe The Cabin NYC. This cottage-like bar serves unique specialty cocktails partnered with your favorite American classic dishes. A few of the favorites here are the Summer Sangria and 21 Questions Cocktail. Customers love its well thought craft cocktail menu that matches every season. The Cabin NYC is perfect for group hangouts with its wide and delectable selection of group menus.

You have arrived at Paper Planes. Paper Planes is located at 154 Orchard Street in New York where they serve well-crafted cocktails and tapas at a secret bar. Their cocktail options range from fruity to bitter and everything in between is curated by their best, friendly, and masterful bartenders. A few of the crowd’s favorites are House of the Rising Sun, Pussy Galore, Tai Tai, and of course Paper Plane. Their simple yet straightforward menu will fascinate you with the available well-executed cocktails that will fit every customer’s taste. On top of their high-quality beverages, Paper Planes is recommended for their chic, chill, and comfortable space as well. If you are looking for a bar with great classic and creative cocktails, Paper Planes is the go-to place.

For the adventurous cocktail-seekers who are up for craft cocktails with an Asian spin, Gongo is your haven. Located at 15 St Marks Pl New York, this Japanese-inspired cocktail lounge has an outstanding drink selection that features craft cocktails, mocktails, fine sake, and other Japanese beverages. Gongo incorporates traditional Japanese flavors into their seasonal menu that keep every customer’s experience fresh, memorable, and delectable.

This next bar was once a secret 1920s gambling hall and is now an underground hideaway for craft cocktails. Thyme Bar is located just a few steps away from Madison Square Park. If you are looking for a great show, Thyme Bar is the place to go. It is famous for its cocktail presentations inspired by art and movements emphasizing the visual components of the cocktails. Moreover, it also offers a multicultural experience as you will see and taste its visual and gustatory sensations.

Included in this guide is the Analogue which was founded in 2013. This bar was made for people to have a place to enjoy and relax with their friends. Analogue offers a cocktail-rich menu, including a bourbon and scotch library of over 300 selections on top of their excellent menu for finger foods. For all craft cocktail enthusiasts, you will get a fixture here as they serve great-quality beverages. Bring your friends to Analogue if you prefer having a chill and real conversation over a nice sip of the cocktail.

These are one of the top must-try bars around NYC for their exquisite and creative craft cocktails. Experience the vibe that matches your energy, culture, and taste buds. You can find the real gems at the heart of New York City if you keep on exploring.

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